Comprehensive Spine and Joint Pain Care

Managing Your Back and Neck Pain

Injuries, chronic wear and tear from daily activities, or sports can cause changes in the spine that can lead to pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, lower back, buttocks and legs. These changes in the spine include alterations in the bony structure of the spine, herniated disks, pinched nerves and a variety of inflammatory states.

Accurate diagnosis of spine pain involves a visit with one of our pain physicians. During your visit, a detailed history will be taken and a physical examination will be performed. The workup may likely include diagnostic imaging such as an MRI. Our objective is to manage your pain in the most conservative manner possible.

Pain physicians at Franklin Square Health Group can manage spine pain through conservative management and specialized injections. Conservative management includes over-the-counter pain medications and physical therapy. Injections are performed safely under live x-ray guidance (fluoroscopy) with sedation provided by an expertly trained anesthesiologist. This team of physicians will help treat your spine pain and improve your quality of life. Our goal is to treat you in the most conservative manner possible and help you avoid surgery.

If you need an injection, it will be conveniently performed in the comfort and safety of our office or private surgical suite. You can go home the same day and most likely return to work the next day if needed. You will be required to abstain from eating or drinking anything for 6-8 hours prior to the procedure since you will be receiving intra-venous sedation. An adult companion with a valid driver’s license or the means to accompany you via public transportation will be required the day of your procedure. This individual will be required to accompany you home and remain with you during your recovery.